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Light Curtain - curtain of LEDs
Play Portal - LED installation for Google Play event 2014
LED Lab - iPad app making many LED displays possible
Char Wash - installation for Burning Man 2012 & 2013
Garden of Rockets - installation for Burning Man 2011
4pyre² - installation for Burning Man 2010
Moe's Contacts - address book app for iPhone/iPad
Moe's Notes - multi-media note taking app for iPhone
Moe's Notepad - multi-media note taking app for iPad
Catwalk Studios - home and art studio complex, completed 2008
Nebula - installation for Burning Man 2004
Yantra - installation for Burning Man 2003
Ping - art car made for Burning Man 2002
The Seven Ages of Spam - demonstration made for Burning Man 2001
Flash - ultrasonic-triggered spinning flasher made for Burning Man 2001
Spin - LED-spinning machine made for Burning Man 2000
Moe's Kitchen - music composed and performed 1994-2000
Print Artist - software-in-box 1988-1994


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