In the process of writing the software to control Spin, I have created a program that displays on a computer screen what Spin should look like, along with all the controls necessary to create Spin sequences. Here is a link that downloads a file called SpinInstaller.exe (489K). When run, this program creates the following files:

in a folder called "Spin". You can move this folder anywhere you want, but these files should always be kept together in the same folder. (The "installer" program is merely self-extracting archive. It does NOT mess with the system registry, Programs folder, or Start Menu. To "uninstall" Spin, simply delete its folder.) Open SpinManual.txt for more info and a brief tutorial on using Spin.exe. Here is a copy of SpinManual.txt .

When you've created a nice sequence (.spin) file, email it to me and I'll show it at Burning Man 2001.

The current version of Spin.exe is .72 If you have an earlier version, please download the latest. I am continually adding new features, but more importantly I am fixing bugs and occassionally changing the way parameters are expressed. Some recently added features: