3D Modeling

After the first 2-dimensional drawings of The Yantra were made, I decided take this opportunity to get familar with using 3-dimensional CADD software. This proved to quite challenging and rewarding. I downloaded Design Workshop Lite, a free version of Design Workshop that despite its free-making limitations is quite useful. (It's also very buggy but I really can't complain for the price.) When you're done establishing the coordinates of everything in 3-dimensional space, you can then "walk through" your model, which is very fun. Then you can take snapshots of your current view

Here are the 2-dimensial views I made from my 3-dimensional models.

Below are links to Quicktime 3D versions of my 3D models. You can use them to "fly through" The Yantra using any QT3D-capable software, such as Design Workshop Lite, which is free and runs on Macintosh and Windows.

QD3D model - nightime

QD3D model - daytime